What we people understand in Sweden

Today president Donald Trump mentioned Sweden at his speech  Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. Both Fox News app and CBC News on Facebook showed it live. Trump started to attack ”dishonest media” and explained that he wasn’t against media in general, but ”fake media”.

He also addressed himself towards consultants in politics who are good at ”sucking money” instead of giving good advices. This was because every newspaper expect a few believed in his victory. Even her in Sweden the big newspapers failed big time, but it seems like they have forgotten. Now they have started their own control of fake news. 

Suddenly everyone is talking about the situation in our suburbs which we in Sweden call ”exposed areas”. 

Mostly because of Donald Trump is making it to the main issue to talk about Sweden. 

That’s actually a new situation for us.

 Today here in Nyköping there’s both people from Afghanistan, Syria and Northern Africa and of course Somalia. 

Premie minister Stefan Löfven was today addressing himself on Facebook against the riots. He wants to have a focus on solution instead of political attacks like Trump or spreading hate and fear like the Swedish democrats. He didn’t deny the reality but he wanted to change focus. To calm down the people that are upset. 

In April the social democrats are meeting for congress which they call ”safety in a new time”. 

The young men from Afghanistan are very ambiguous and love to hang around where ever there is people. Syrians often come in big family groups where ISIS has fought. They have good grades from school. 

Actually, it could never be wrong to flee a country where a war is threatening your life and already started to kill your close ones and relatives. Sometimes there’s no option to fight back. A revolution like the Arabic spring could never foresee that terrorist would take over and start ISIS. 

The good thing with people coming from abroad is that small places places on the countryside  here in Sweden suddenly could start living. Often the young generation left the city for the bigger cities. In Oxelösund the municipality tear down houses. When the migration started they could this year start to build new houses.

In Brandkärr in Nyköping where there’s lot of muslims living there has been cars which have been burned down to the ground. Even some young people have tried to make a bomb which exploded and killed one of them. The apartments are made of thick concrete so the explosion was mainly inside the room. This of course creates a lot of fear. 

The bad thing is that almost every big company has moved to China or other coutries where the workers conditions aren’t so good as here. It’s often elderly people living here. You could call Nyköping Swedens Florida in a way. Calm and quiet. The loneliness could be a problem – but most people talk with each other in a way you don’t do in a big city. 

The problem here is that people don’t have a job to go to. They get money from the insurance company which belongs to the state. Many people are fighting against depression which could be a concerning issue, but most people from Arabic, African or Asian countries don’t even know how that feels – or even what it is. 

It could be a good opportunity for the countryside to get a lot of people and even workforce. Today the government is helping the municipality with refugees with 210 dollar per day. That amount is planed to be cut to half in the summer. 

Today the society is diveded in two camps: those who work and those who don’t. 

When there’s no real jobs at the countryside the race is to get most benefits from the insurance company. Otherwise you can’t afford living. 

The sad thing is that the strong young people move out. 

The other who stay get used to their unemployment. 

In the Muslim society it’s sad that the Somalian women can’t meet together to sew clothes because everyone is fearing their men. I can’t think of a more repressed group in our society.