Hacking is the new surveillance

Wikileaks is now claiming they are revealing a inside story from CIA knowledge base. This occurs when president Donald Trump stated on his Twitter account that former president Barack Obama was tapping his phone ”in October prior to election” and accusing the former president for acting low and calling it a Watergate scandal.

Yesterday Wikieleaks could back up the tweets from the president with promising that they have over 8,761 documents mainly over how CIA is hacking and making surveillance possible.

It’s three days between the tweet from Donald Trump and the pressrelease from Wikileaks. And the Guardian is pointing out that ”The revelations in the documents include: * CIA hackers targeted smartphones”.

According to Washington Post it includes Internet routers, Mac and Windows computers. And even TV:s are possible to hack and record conversations in a room and stream it back to the CIA servers.

But ”anyone who thought they couldn’t was living in a fantasy world”, said the cryptography expert Matthew D. Green.

Now Apples Spokesmen Fred Sainz said to TechCrunch that ”our initial analysis indicates that many of the issues leaked today were already patched in the latest iOS” who also comments the content of the leaked CIA documents.

Some of the exploits may have been developed in-house, while others appear to have been purchased, copied or downloaded from non-governmental sources.

The hacking damage is still unknown for Windows users, which Wikileaks considered not to publish.

Donald Trumps use of Samsung Galaxy is widely discussed.